The Charlton Bloggers’ Big End Of Season Review – Part 2

Better let than never, here’s Part Two of the Charlton bloggers’ end of season review. Here, we look at the best games and the best teams…

Best game?

vs weds


David Norris: Spoiling the party in Sheffield. Making the MASSIVE miserable. Chrissy Powell swinging off the crossbar. Wonderful.

Hungry Ted: There haven’t been too many highs in this tough season, but Watford at home has to be up there for raw emotion and drama. The same can be said of QPR at home.

Kyle Andrews: People knock the FA Cup, but it still has its magic. Sheffield Wednesday away in the fifth round was something very special. The atmosphere incredible, the performance sublime and Chris Powell swinging on the bar was something I’ll never forget. I said in the heat of the moment that it was one of the best night’s of my life, and I still stand by that.

Dan Webster: Brighton at home. After a few false dawns, things finally came together at the Valley on Boxing Day. Wilson performed admirably at right midfield, scoring twice, and Yann was at his belligerent best.

Matias Grez: Sheffield Wednesday away in the FA Cup. A brilliant away performance that got the fans dreaming of Wembley.

Al Gordon: Looking back there were more highs than we realised, some great victories over quality opposition. Beating Redknapp’s QPR springs to mind but once again I have to say victory over Watford. The best game for it meant we could finally stop looking over our shoulder.

Brian Haines: Sadly, I don’t go to away games. It was probably one of them.

 Alex Stedman: From a personal point of view it has to be Sheffield Wednesday in the FA CupJust two days after that last gasp win against QPR, and already being on a high as a result, this was just as remarkable.

The media were ready for a Steel City derby, we ruined the party, and it was brilliant. Simon Church’s winner in front of us was my favourite moment in football to date, without a doubt. 

A TV appearance celebrating the winning goal and Powell’s celebration at full time capped a great evening that will I never forget.

Chicago Addick: QPR at home.

Marco Casualty: Home to WatfordSorted out Championship survival with an emphatic performance.

Greg Stubley: Charlton 3-1 Watford. The Valley was absolutely rocking. We were treated to four well-taken goals and the fact it secured our Championship status for at least another year topped it off.

Joe Hall (Valley Talk): Leicester at home way, way back in August. The sun was shining, we’d just beaten one of the best sides in the division and for one afternoon, the season felt like something to look forward to.


Favourite moment?


David Norris:

Hungry Ted: Easily Johnnie’s last-gasp winner against QPR. It is those moments that will live with you forever. I’d actually penned a tweet about 30mins before that moment that simply said ‘this game has a last minute JJ goal written all over it’ but I couldn’t get it to send.

Kyle Andrews: Johnnie Jackson’s last minute goal against QPR. I might have cried a bit.

Dan Webster: Johnnie Jackson scoring in stoppage time against QPR. As the game progressed, increasingly it became clear that the game was there to be won. Ajdarević had a shot brilliantly saved, and with the Covered End in full voice as the corner was swung in, Jackson rose and headed into the net. The ground went into meltdown. It was wonderful.

Matias Grez: Has to be Johnnie Jackson’s winner against QPR. Without the three points we would have been bottom that day.

Al Gordon: Reaching the quarter final of the FA Cup and spending a superb Saturday night out on the town in Sheffield with so many other Addicks BEFORE the football.

Brian Haines: Johnnie Jackson’s late winner against QPR. One of those moments when team and fans are totally united in celebration.

 Alex Stedman: Poyet’s emergence – remarkable.

Having watched the U18’s and U21’s numerous times I knew he was good, but not this amazing!

He’s younger than me, and as everyone associated with Charlton Live will tell you, that’s hard to believe.

Chicago Addick: Coming from two down at Sheffield Wednesday.

Marco Casualty: Jackson scoring at home to QPRThe weekend away in Sheffield was particularly good, though the football was a disappointment.

Greg Stubley: Beating Sheffield Wednesday in the 5th round of the FA Cup. I very nearly chose this as game of the season, but thought i’d save it for this. The jubilant scenes at the end were just a joy to behold.

Joe: Jackson’s winner against QPR. That moment triggered an eruption of joy, relief, frustration, hope. Jackson jumped into the crowd, the dugout were on the pitch. I don’t think The Valley’s been as united since.


Worst game?




David Norris: The defeat at Wigan was utterly soul destroying. Having lost our talisman the previous day, a side of youngsters and new signings with no experience of English football were cobbled together to play the division’s form team. And we almost did it. Powell nearly pulled off his most impressive victory, but in a few devastating minutes the win, as well as the draw, was cruelly stolen away. Christ it hurt.

Hungry Ted: I hated every single minute of Brighton away. We was woeful beyond words that day. Only marginally worse than Sheffield United away in the cup. Such a shame that we allowed ourselves to dream and then Charlton put in a real stinker of a performance at Bramall Lane.

At the Valley, it’s hard to look beyond Millwall for a more demoralising defeat.

Kyle Andrews: There have been worse performances, Brighton away especially, but the pain felt after Sheffield United was hard to bare. At no point did I feel confident we’d get to Wembley, but the dream was there. To have that taken away was tough. What happened a few days later was even worse, though.

Dan Webster: Losing to Barnsley at home. It was a lifeless performance, with few chances created against a side that went on to be relegated. The late consolation goal we scored was almost an accident, such was the waywardness of our attacking play that night.

Matias Grez: 0-0 at home against Blackpool sticks in the mind for being so boring and bereft of quality.

Al Gordon: The quarter final of the FA Cup at Bramall Lane. Did you need to ask?

Brian Haines: The home defeat against Blackburn. It was so inept that even though it didn’t send Charlton down it felt as if it had.

 Alex Stedman: Birmingham at home.

We battered them that afternoon, and Macheda punished two defensive errors. It was a frustrating afternoon from start to finish.

It was the only time I left a game early all year.

Chicago Addick: Barnsley at home.

Greg Stubley: Gosh, erm….losing 1-0 to Millwall at home was a hard one to take. I had some Millwall mates (shamefully) who predicted an easy win for us, so to lose that was pretty tough. However, the 2-0 defeat away at Sheffield United in the FA Cup was horrific and didn’t deserve to be Powell’s last game for I’ll go with that.

Marco Casualty: Blackpool at homeNothing happened. Dull, dull, dull.

Joe: Up at the crack of dawn. Our biggest game in years. A huge away end alive with excitement. You know what happened next…

Lowest moment?



chris powell

David Norris: Where to begin? The routine Millwall defeat. Selling our best player. The last few minutes against Wigan. Sheffield United’s goals. Sacking Chris Powell. Probably either the latter or selling Yann.

Hungry Ted: Powell’s departure. Still hurts even now; always will.

Kyle Andrews: Chris Powell’s sacking. I’m still licking my wounds.

Dan Webster: Defeat to Sheffield United, and then subsequently losing Chris Powell on the Tuesday morning. A huge chunk of Charlton went missing that day, with it becoming clear that the way the club would be run had definitely changed.

Matias Grez: Losing 2-0 at home against Birmingham. Felt the lowest I had all season after that game. A valuable three points were up for grabs and the players just didn’t show up against a team who are without a doubt worse than us.

Al Gordon: Yann leaving? Powell getting sacked? No, the worst moment for me was the ninety minutes of football I sat through at Bramall Lane.

Brian Haines: Obviously, Powell’s departure. Let’s say no more about that for now.

 Alex Stedman: Selling talisman Yann Kermorgant.

Having built a really good relationship with Yann and one of his friends, it was so sad to see the hero leave the club.

He gave us so many brilliant moments, and the way he left was horrible.

You’d like to think he’ll be back one day, he’s welcome any time.

Chicago Addick: Chris Powell being sacked.

Greg Stubley: At the time, Powell’s departure was the worst moment of the season especially as it happened on my birthday!

However, I feel the loss of Kermorgant could have cost us our Championship status, so that would be my choice.

Marco Casualty: Yann going to Bournemouth(& Powell being given the boot not long after.)

Joe: Forget about what happened before or after. March 11th 2014 will forever be a dark day in Charlton’s history.

Most impressive opposition?

sean dyche

David Norris: I’d say Burnley. They barely broke sweat and comfortably beat us 3-0 twice. Good side.

Hungry Ted: In terms of organisation, effort and application I thought Burnley were good at the Valley. They certainly weren’t full of tricky skill, but they took their chances well and deserved their win against us. They’ve got promoted by being a good team rather than a team of individuals.

Kyle Andrews: Never have I seen such routine 3-0 victories as Leicester City, Burnley, Derby and Brighton’s wins over us. Of those four, although a little obvious, I’d go with Leicester. Worthy winners.

Dan Webster: Burnley. Twice comfortable victors against us, and showed that it’s possible these days to achieve success without huge financial backing.

Matias Grez: Has to be Leicester. We got a win against them with a customary Yann Kermorgant goal early in the season, but they were on another level when we played them at the King Power.

Al Gordon: Burnley looked fantastic when they came to The Valley, and that was without two of their more influential players. Steve McClaren’s Derby a close second.

Brian Haines: The pitch.

 Alex Stedman: Leicester away – worthy Champions.

I was reporting for News Shopper that afternoon at the King Power – we didn’t have a sniff! Post match Powell admitted we’d played the ‘Champions elect’ and it was hard to disagree.

Chicago Addick: Burnley.

Marco Casualty: BurnleyReally well organised and despite being near the top from August until Christmas, the pundits were still talking about their ‘good start’ and didn’t include them in promotion picks.

Greg Stubley: I didn’t have the chance to see the Burnley games and Leicester weren’t all that at the Valley, so my choice would actually be Derby. They looked well organised, dangerous on the counter-attack and had a solid defence.

Joe: Not much of a surprise considering where they finished, but Leicester wiped the floor with us at the King Power Stadium. They already looked like a Premier League side.

Least impressive opposition?


David Norris: I thought Wigan were pretty crap considering the cost of their side when we played them in October. Endlessly lumping it up to Grant Holt. Since then they have won at the Etihad and made the play-offs with relative ease. Owen Coyle, eh?

Hungry Ted: Despite us loosing, I thought Barnsley were rubbish. Still can’t believe we lost to them, to be honest.

Kyle Andrews: Nottingham Forest. We were absolutely dreadful at the City Ground; they were, somehow, substantially worse.

Dan Webster: Leeds United at Elland Road put in one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen. Aimless long ball football with no alternative stategies. Honourable mention for Huddersfield at the Valley in Riga’s first game – we really should’ve won that as they were dreadful.

Matias Grez: Yeovil. Deservedly finished bottom and it was very disappointing that they took a point from us away and pushed us so close at home.

Al Gordon: Barnsley were poor here and still won. That in itself speaks volumes. I wasn’t overly impressed with the Doncaster Rovers fork work either.

Brian Haines: Barnsley. And they beat us.

 Alex Stedman: Millwall at The Den – no, really.

It wasn’t a great game of football, I’ll give you that, but our opposition were terrible.

Holloway’s side were in disarray when we played them, and I have no idea how we didn’t win the match.

Chicago Addick: Birmingham City.

Marco Casualty: QPRSo much cash, they should be streets ahead of teams like Burnley yet they’ve made a real hash of much of the season.

Greg Stubley: Sheffield Wednesday. Looked awful in the games I saw them.

Joe: QPR. Look at their squad. Look at ours. There’s no way we should have ever been allowed to beat them. The fact they haven’t achieved automatic promotion this season is laughable.

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One Response to The Charlton Bloggers’ Big End Of Season Review – Part 2

  1. More from now I have a bit more time:
    – Best game – QPR, and in all honesty favourite moment as well probably as I was at the game with my son and brother and that JJ goal was just a very special moment in time.
    – Fave moment – I said Sheff Wed as it was so vital and unexpected. Sat at work on what was a Monday morning, that come back set me up for a very happy day. It was also the time when I thought we could stay up.
    – Worst moment – well you said it, that day was a dark day in our history and as I wrote that moment.. part of CAFC died that day.
    – Most impressive oppo – Burnley, more because it showed what can be achieved in this division with desire, a plan, a good coach and not much money.
    – Least impressive oppo – I was at Birmingham and they were bloody awful and it was no surprise to me that they were only 2 minutes from getting relegated.

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